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What Women Want – the Gentlemen’s 4 step guide to WINNING this Christmas!

The Gentlemen have requested and it is my pleasure to shed some light on what we women truly would love to receive for Christmas!

The #1 rule of EXTRAORIDNARY Gift Giving is that you put thoughtfulness and effort into your gift. I find that it’s the last 5% of “extra” touch that takes a gift from nice to EXTRAORDINARY! So today, Gentlemen, I am sharing with you my BEST tips on how to make your Woman feel ULTRA special this holiday season!

4 Steps to WINNING at giving Her gifts:

  1. The gift MUST be thoughtful. Ask yourself can I see her using, wearing, PERSONALLY ENJOYING this item? Visualize it – if it doesn’t feel like “her” than move on.
  2. PERSONALIZE it! Please don’t just buy her something off a shelf and think because it was “expensive” that it’s good enough. Remember it’s that last 5% of effort that brings home the CHAMPIONSHIP!
  3. Add a Sugar! A sweet note that shows you would love to support her in her enjoyment of the gift is ALWAYS a WIN!
  4. The wrapping DOES MATTER! Back to the last 5% here. Wrapping CAN BE super easy and it’s the FINAL touch to your gift. Think of wrapping like a “Fluffer”, if you want to score the “fluffing” must be done! Nothing creates build up and suspense like a GORGEOUSLY wrapped gift from you sitting under the tree for 2 weeks teasing her! NOTE: If you don’t like to wrap, they have services that can do it for you fabulously! I’ll include recommendations below!

Now that you have the playbook for WINNING here are a few of my favorite gifts for Christmas 2021 – these have been ranked in order of cost.

1. Fur Slippers – My absolute FAVORITE (Price Point – $)! I have slippers ranging from these to $1000 a pair and I am telling you these are my go to’s! They are feminine (the fur is so soft), look GREAT with any set of PJ’s, Sexy Nighties, Robes I have and are ULTRA comfy! One day I literally forgot I was wearing them and left the house in them – can’t say that about any of my other shoes!! I have them in black, coffee and dark grey.

HOW TO GIVE IT: It’s a little difficult to “personalize” slippers (can’t have them engraved) so what I would recommend is making or including a card that she can redeem with you for a “Weekend Self Care Day”, a day just for your Queen where she gets to lounge around in her PJ’s and Yummy Slippers (provided by YOU) and RELAX! TRUST me after the Holidays she will appreciate it! If you want to kick this gift up a notch you could combo gift #3 or #4, or all both! Also, adding a few “self care” items to the gift box like: yummy smelling bath bombs/salts, lotions, eye masks, a new tea she can try with a pretty coffee cup are also WINS and all SUPER easy (think amazon, they have all these “little” items and you can see their ratings!)

TIP – These slippers fit true to size. IF you aren’t sure what size to order go look at a pair of her heels it will say on them. If you see European sizing (sizing with a “3” or “4” in front of it, ex: 37 or 37.5 etc) don’t fret! Just pretend like the 3 isn’t there a 37 (European) is a size 7 in US.

2. Custom Journal – Circa (Price Point $$)! If your women is like most of the women I know they do some form of writing, journaling, list making, etc. This journal is the BEST journal I have EVER had because it’s REFILLABLE – yes you read that right! This is the gift that keeps on giving, she can literally use this journal FOREVER! Circa has done a LOVELY job of making all sorts of fabulous way to customize this journal so it fits HER perfectly!

HOW TO GIVE IT: First pick the Circa that you FEEL (I know you have to crack open pandoras box of feels for this lol) looks like her, is she a monochrome chic girl? Does she prefer flowers or something more gaudy? Circa has ALL types, pick the one that you think looks like her. If you aren’t sure you can look at her purse collection to get ideas. Are her purses more straight and to the point or does she venture out with exotic prints and colors? Purses are accessories and a beautiful journal that she’ll want to use for years is also an accessory (ie an extension of Her). Once you have picked the best journal you can amp up the thoughtfulness by selecting a beautiful complimentary pen to go with it – THINK MATCHY MATCHY!! The pen should complement the journal and look beautiful together as she’s using them. If you need help feel free to drop a comment below – I am always happy to help with gift selection! And last but not least – PERSONALIZE it! Have her name, logo, favorite quote lasered onto the journal and pen (levenger does this!) I will include my engravers contact info below if you want to do something even more custom! You can have the items shipped directly to them and once they are engraved they will ship to you!

3. Diptyque Luxury Candles (Price  Point $$$)! I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t love candles burning and her home, office to smell lovely. It truly never crossed my mind until a couple of years ago that there could be a huge difference in the quality and vibrancy of the candles until I received my first “luxury” candle. I’m here to tell you, you definitely get what you pay for with candles. My favorite company to buy REALLY nice candles from is Diptyque. They are based in Paris and have been delighting noses since 1961! I absolutely love their perfumes too – think Anniversary/Birthday! My favorite scents are: Baies (their signature scent), Figuier (warm summer day), Vanilla and Fue De Bois (smells like a yummy fire burning).

HOW TO GIVE IT: Do a CUSTOM set, they come in 2, 3, or 6 scents. YOU get to pick what you think she will love the most and then she gets to try them! It’s a lovely way to give her something that is high quality, smells delightful and gives her options (women LOVE options – think me and my 3 pairs of slippers in different colors lol) They have many locations here in the US or you can order online which I have found to be easy and fast (deliver). Because these cannot be engraved or customized I would do something sweet like include bath salts/bombs and a note that says you envision her burning these while in a nice warm bath taking the time to relax and enjoy all the beauty around her. Also, if she doesn’t have a pretty flameless candle lighter get her one in her favorite metal (gold, rose gold etc). You can get them on Amazon and I always enjoy using mine to light my pretty candles!

4. The PERFECT PJ’s (Price Point $$$)! I have to say having PJ’s that make me feel like a queen is one of my FAVORITE weekend indulgences! Olive and Coco SMASHES the PJ game!! They are 100% cotton and feel DELICIOUS on! And to top it off they arrive MARVELOUSLY packaged in the most beautiful crates with a beautiful bows!! My favorite for this season is the Rouge Impression Pajamas because they feel CLASSY and Christmas-y without having ornaments or reindeer printed on them. However, they have so many PJ’s to choose from pick what you think she will LOVE the most!

HOW TO GIVE IT: This one is EASY the heavy lifting is definitely done for you. All I would do is adda good book to this gift with a note that says something to the effect of: “I hope you enjoy lounging in these beauties while snuggled up with a good book!” If you need a good book recommendation, I just finished Will Smiths and it was FABULOUS (Fresh Prince was at the height of its popularity when I was a kid so it brought back a lot of nostalgia.) Another really good book for women is “A Woman Makes a Plan” by Maye Musk. I would wrap the book and the PJ’s TOGETHER so she opens them as one gift.

5. And for the FINALE – a Judith Leiber Purse (Price Point $$$$) If you want to spoil her rotten nothing says GLAMOUR like a Judith Lieber purse! These are truly pieces of ART. Every time I take mine out I get TONS of compliments on them because they are so gorgeous, eye catching and unique – you literally are walking around with the most beautiful art piece that somehow also holds your lipstick!! You’ve probably seen these purses on IG, Beyonce, JLo, The Kardashians etc. They are the ultimate evening statement purse, but can also be dressed down to give that WOW factor to pair of jeans! My favorite are the NOVELTY ones, they have SOOO many different options to choose from. When you look through them look for what reminds you of her. For inspiration go look at the dresses in her closet what is the color you see most? Or look for something you KNOW she loves – is she a rose girl? Then get her the rose in her favorite color! If she loves butterflies, they have that too! Bows? Got it? Stars, check! Seriously the options are endless and ALL of them are FABULOUS! You can NOT go wrong with a Judith Leiber Purse!

HOW TO GIVE IT: I would include a gift certificate (handmade) to a date night out on the town so she can show off her new beauty, compliments of you! Put all the little details in the card so she can see you truly thought it all out, what restaurant you’ll go to, what night club/venue after etc. Women love the buildup (remember my fluffer comment?) Just remember THOUGHTFUL cards and Beautifully wrapped gifts = FLUFFERS!

Well Gentlemen, I hope this was helpful and what you were looking for! Wishing you much success in your hunt for the perfect gift and a white Christmas this year 😉 LOL Sorry couldn’t help myself!


P.S. Below is the contact info for the most AMAZING engraver: Randy @ Allmark Impressions in Fort Worth! 817-834-0080. Hours: Open 8AM to 5PM Monday – Friday.

Wrapping: Tutorials can be found for the DIY guy and for the ones who needs some help PaperSource is my GO TO – www.PaperSource.com/locator

P.S.S. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the above post! If you need help or have questions please comment below, shoot me a message on IG or TikTok! Gift giving is one of my FAVORITE things to do so always happy to help 🙂