A Modern Woman's Journey of Life

Biggest Take Aways from My 36 years on this Planet…

Wow, kinda hard to believe I turned 36 today… I remember when I was 8 years old watching my mom and her girlfriends from church sit around talking (they were in their mid 30’s). As I listened to them chit chat I CLEARLY remember thinking they were ANCIENT! My how the tables have turned. When I catch my son or daughter looking at me, studying my face I can’t help but wonder if they think I’m ANCIENT! LOL

I’m grateful for all the gifts the last 36 years have brought me even the grey hairs and permanent smile lines. I can honestly say my 30’s have been some of the BEST years of my life. And I am ecstatic for what is coming this year in 2022!

Some of my biggest take always and lesson learned so far are below with either Coaches or Books that were catalysts for me in my growth path around each of these subjects.

  1. I finally feel confident in my skin. I  can truly say I love and appreciate myself, body, mind and spirit. (Book – Pussy A Reclamation)
  2. I learned that listening is the most important part of any relationship. Listening = Love in many cases. As humans we all just want to be HEARD and understood. If all it takes from me is to be quite and listen to show you how much I care, it’s the least I can do. (Book – The Listening Path)
  3. I finally understand what self-care and self-love really are FOR ME! I was mystified by these terms for decades, they always seems elusive and unattainable. But now I realize that self-care and love is taking the time to show yourself the same type of love you would to the most important people in your life. LISTENING to myself and what I need at any given moment to feel blissful and then actually putting myself first and doing those things makes all the difference in the world. (Book – The Artists Way)
  4. I embraced that what others think about what I do, say etc just really does NOT matter, at all. In the end I have to answer to myself. The most important person to be good with when I put my head on the pillow each night is ME. (Book – The 4 Agreements)
  5. I learned that the more I love and take care of myself the more happy I am and the more I have to give to others. (Coach – David Meltzer)
  6. I learned that good men truly want to see the women in their lives living their best most satisfying, feminine, creative lives and if you ASK they will do everything in their power to support and lift you up. (Coach – Helena Summers and AMAZING Husband – Charles Covey)
  7. I learned that exploring anything that piques my interest is ALWAYS an investment worth making! I care less about failing as I know I am a capable person and the enjoyment comes from the journey not the “perfect ending”. (Coaches – Rangel Spirov & Veronika Spirov. Book – The Artists Way)
  8. I learned how much my Ego impacts my personal well-being as well as my relationships. Learning this was a growing experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. (Coach – Patrick Combs. Book – The Power of Now)
  9. I learned that having amazing GirlFriends’s in your life that you can play, collaborate and GROW with is immensely valuable and adds so much joy to my existence. Thank you to all of mine who have lived, loved and grown with me over the years – much love for you!
  10. Lastly, I learned that if I listen to my intuition/God/The Universe whatever you want to call it and follow my hearts desires my life is peaceful, FUN, happy and blessed. (Books – Connected To Goodness, The Artists Way & Instant Healing)

Here’s to another year of Living, Loving, Learning and Sharing with Those You Love!