A Modern Woman's Journey of Life


You can create a beautiful life and enjoy it by living balanced, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

And you can share your life with people you love.

You can have it all, peace, freedom, joy, love, and the monetary fruits of your labor.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve come from or where you’ve stumbled. As long as you’re breathing, you can create an extraordinary life.

Yes, you are human, but you are also
a badass.

Yes, there will be lots of work required, but when you’re on the right path, the work will be fun.

And yes, failures and setbacks will happen. Failure is a part of success. You cannot have one without the other. But you can embrace failure and use it to propel you to victory.

Be the badass you are, do the work, and be resilient.

But even more critical, take 100% ownership of your life.

Because until you are willing to see how you’ve contributed 
to everything you are or aren’t at this present moment, 
you’re giving away your responsibility, which also means giving away your power.

To manifest all your heart desires, take 100% ownership of everything that’s going on in your life, “good” and “bad.” Claim your ownership in everything that has happened or that will happen to you, and you’ll attain the freedom of knowing your life is yours, and you’ll make it into 
a masterpiece.

You can accomplish anything when you 
accept 100% responsibility for your life.

But steer clear of the pitfalls that trap most people.

Don’t go it alone.

Most people attempt to create their dreams by themselves.

You will go further faster when you have someone’s 
shoulders to stand on. So team-up. Run with the right crew. And have mentors.

Also, never fear hard work.

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Creating success isn’t easy. But it’s easier than waking up and realizing you didn’t give it your all, or achieve what you dreamed. Work is your friend.

Fear mediocrity.

Live so that on your deathbed, you’re able to say, “Damn, I did it well! Not always right. Not without scraping my knees, making mistakes, and having to ask for forgiveness. But I lived my life well!”

And don’t live out of balance.

Most people think, “If I just stay later at work… if I just try harder and push harder.”

Be smarter than that. Compliment hard work with self-care, self-love, and spirituality. Live in balance. Be mentally, physically, and spiritually strong, and you will be unstoppable!

Also, never leave your dreams unprotected.

People like to say that no one can take away your dreams. But the truth is dreams are stolen and trampled on every day.

So protect your dreams!

How do you protect your dreams? Never let critics and naysayers change what you feel inside. Love your dreams and believe in them.

You can create an extraordinary life.

But remember to steep yourself in gratitude every step of your way.

You can have all the dreams in the world come true, but without gratitude, you’ll be blind to all the blessings, and you’ll be miserable.

Be grateful to be alive.

Be grateful for the big and small things.

Be grateful for the people in your life, imperfect yet amazing.

Be grateful for all circumstances that allow you to grow.

Be grateful for all of life’s gifts that you receive and can share.

Be grateful for your dreams. They are the guiding light of your life. They want to exist as much as you want to live them.

And be grateful for YOU and your ability to grow, learn and achieve!

My friend, you can create an extraordinary life.

I believe in you, and I believe in your biggest dreams.

Let’s build and live beautiful lives. We start TODAY!


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