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The IdeAcceleratorTM

Investment, Advising, and Mentorship from Myself and Charles to Help You Go Big.

Let’s Do This - Together!

Do you have an MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose) or a BHAG (Big Hairy Ass Goal)?

Perhaps you have a business that you’d love to scale.

Or an idea that you’d love to launch.

Or maybe it’s a project that serves your community.

Or perhaps a competition you’d love to win.

Your ambition could be any number of things, but what matters is that it matters to you, and it’s a stretch goal! It’s something your heart is determined to make happen!

A lot of times, we don’t fulfill our biggest dreams because we’re a one-person team, or we lack the necessary support or the finely-tuned strategy.


Sometimes what holds us back is being surrounded by non-believers. Detractors. Too many people are telling you your idea is“risky,” “already done,”, “unrealistic,” “crazy,” or “impossible.”

But what if you had an incredible support team?

What if you had the support of a serial entrepreneur who had already achieved eight figures?

What if you had two successful entrepreneurs backing you?

Are you ready for strategic guidance, mindset support, camaraderie, and possibly extra capital to scale your business or idea?

This opportunity is intended explicitly for women (and strong men) with vision, ambition, initiative, and commitment to extraordinary results (and extraordinary lives).

As a woman, I understand the unique strengths of a female entrepreneur and the particular challenges in male-dominated fields (like construction!). And I also know that every woman can call on her feminine and her masculine as circumstances require.

I created IdeAccelerator™ to offer you a huge advantage and a safe place where you can incubate and accelerate your business or big idea with massive support. I want to see more women rise to founder and CEO positions.

If you’re accepted into IdeAccelerator™, you’ll receive my coaching, we’ll work on your big idea, and you’ll be groomed for your greatness. I may even opt to invest capital in your business.

My business partner (and wonderful husband) Charles will support you as well. We’ll both be at the table helping you scale your big idea!

I’ve been through the pains of growing my business and myself, and I’ve experienced first hand what it’s like to push a big idea up a big hill when most people around you don’t understand your level commitment. Or the costs. Or the sacrifices. Or the stressors. Or the exhaustion. Or the difficulties. Or the headaches.

If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and work hard, I will mentor and guide you to scale your biggest and best ideas.

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In IdeAccelerator™, you will master seven pillars that have profoundly impacted my life and that are proven, time-honored success principles:

Be Authentic. No Excuses Here.​

Be Graceful and Loving to Yourself and Others.

Positively Impact Those Around You.​

Strive for Growth and Excellence in EVERYTHING You Do. Do Better. Be Better.​

Efficiently Overcome Challenges While Maintaining Your Inner Peace.​

IdeAccelerator™ is not for you if…

IdeAccelerator™ is for you if…

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Through personal mentoring, advising, or even monetary investment, myself and Charles are committed to uplifting people, businesses, and projects that will make a positive impact in the world.

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