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How To Make The ULTIMATE Cup of Coffee at Home!

If you are anything like me, drinking coffee is a sacred ritual. There is something comforting about hearing the grinder grind the fresh beans. Smelling the aroma of that first cup dripping through the percolator. And then the pure delight of topping the perfect cup with the perfect vanilla bean whipped cream that projects me straight into ecstasy… I couldn’t ask for a better way to start my mornings than the ritual above!

That being said, in my 20’s I became lactose intolerant. There went my lovely morning routine of the perfect heavy whipping cream creamer, the delightful whipped cream on top. I was DEVASTATED – I know that sounds dramatic but for a foodie it was!

However, in the last few years Oat and Soy have TRULY stepped up their game and the coffee I make today (DAIRY FREE) rivals the coffee of my younger years all while tasting just as good, dare I say EVEN better! Guests who come to visit that are NOT lactose intolerant are served my signature cup of coffee and SHOCKED when they find out it’s 100% dairy free! I quite frequently receive texts the morning after our farewells have been said that say “I miss YOUR Coffee!!”

So here are the deets on making that perfect cup of Joe straight from your home!

Ingredients are the MOST important part of any edible masterpiece in my humble opinion. So when choosing your ingredients try EVERYTHING that piques your interest and taste buds and than carefully select what delights your palate the most to create your Signature Cup of Coffee Recipe! Creating your own perfect cup is a delightful creative journey that will bring you many mornings of joy if you take the time to dive into what you and your tastes buds truly LOVE!

Below are my tried and true ingredients for your perusal –


  • Coffee Beans
  • Water
  • Creamer
  •  Whipped Topping
  • And if you want to be extra a little sprinkle of Espresso Power to top it off!


  • Coffee Machine
  • Whip Cream Maker

Before I tell you my favorite of each of the above I’d like to introduce the concept of “Gucci & Gap”. I had a VERY wise interior designer share this saying with me many years ago and it REALLY stuck!

Not EVERYTHING you buy has to be GUCCI (expensive taste), just your staples. Then you spice things up by adding a little “Gap” (affordable delights) decorations (in this case toppings) to create a delightful experiences for your senses. When you have mastered the art of complimenting GUCCI with GAP the outcome is always a beautifully heightened jeux de position where creating blissful memories for your eyes and taste buds flourish!

Lets start with the obvious. In order to produce an amazing cup of coffee you have to start with AMAZING coffee beans! I LOVE coffee beans from Guatemala because of their chocolaty under tones. My FAVORITE brand of coffee is ILLY https://bit.ly/3mKca12. I would consider coffee beans a GUCCI staple as it is the base of the entire experience. So if you are looking for a place to splurge my recommendation would be here!

There are a plethora of options for how you go about preparing this delightful drink! My favorite coffee machines are Jura https://bit.ly/3pEC2NU because each cup off coffee is specifically ground and created JUST for you (GUCCI) but this is NOT required! A few other machines I really love are: Cuisinart Coffee 10-Cup Center & Single Serve Brewer with Thermal Carafe (Gap) https://bit.ly/3sLRCsZ and for an option in between the two I love the Moccamaster by Technivorm https://bit.ly/3JvbSVM !

The second most important thing that goes into your coffee is the WATER. I know that sounds silly but the higher quality water, the better your coffee will taste. To me “quality” of water boils down to your personal taste preference. I prefer to use Fiji for ours.

After you have finished brewing your perfect cup of coffee then comes the FUN part! I’m ALL about the toppings, baby! Currently my absolute FAVORITE creamer is SOWN organic oat vanilla creamer (GAP). It is rich, velvety and just plain delicious! They have other flavors too that are delightful but, vanilla is my go to!

Once you’ve put the perfect amount of creamer in it’s time to top it off with some homemade whipped cream!! Because I am lactose intolerant I learned to make my own – with the perfect ingredients and gadgets it’s a cinch (literally less than 2 minutes!)



Add heavy cream and vanilla bean paste to your iSi Gourmet Cream Whipper (GUCCI) https://bit.ly/3pHYO7t or iSi Mini (GAP) https://bit.ly/32Cd7Sp. Close lid. Add a cartridge of isi N20 Cream Chargers and shake 10 to 15 times vigorously or until you hear the cream thicken in the container.

Adorn you beautiful cup of coffee with this decadent whipped cream to take a good cup of coffee to spectacular!

And last but DEFINITELY not least if you want that extra bougie touch, I love to sprinkle the final product with a dusting of espresso powder https://bit.ly/3t2LH35! And voilà – you now have the PERFECT Signature cup of coffee to warm your body and soul right from your very own kitchen!

I hope you enjoy!